Writing A Knock-Out Resume!

It really can be quite daunting preparing a successful resume, considering the fact that today it will most likely be reviewed by a hiring manager as well as a professional recruitment agency. Competition for most career and job roles is fierce, so being able to write a dazzling covering letter and a resume to stand out like a sore thumb is becoming increasingly crucial. If you read the tips on this blog but still feel daunted by writing you own one please let our team of resume writers know and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Select a basic font

fontsWhen preparing a resume, it’s imperative to make us of a basic font which is easy on the eye for anybody that reads it. Don’t make it any harder for others to read. The selection process will likely be rigourous and hiring managers and interviewers will be looking for any reasons to file a particular resume in the bin!

Contact information

It’s vital that you include all your current contact information on your written resume so that employers are able to easily get in touch. In this, include your full name,  street address, your city, the state and zip code, your email, your home phone number and most important, your mobile phone number. If you have any social media accounts such as Facebook or LinkedIn then you can also put those on

Resume keywords

A winning resume ought to contain the very same keywords which appeared on the description for the job you are going for. This way, you are enhancing your odds of the resume matching the position that is available and consequently you’ll  be picked for the interview. In addition, include some of the keywords in the cover letter. The cover letter is really the advert for reading you resume.

Resume content

contentPrioritise your resume content so that the most relevant and important experience gets listed first, with your key accomplishments for each position also being listed at the top.

Customise the resume

Although it definitely will take you a lot more time in writing a custom resume, it is worth the effort, particularly whenever one is applying for a job which may be a perfect match for the qualifications and the experience which you possess.

Tweak for technology

In today’s competitive career-seeking environment, job seekers must ensure that their resume will stand out from the crowd, gets selected by the person doing the interviewing and displays in a very professional but serious way, that you have put a lot of time and attention in pursuing this particular job opening.

Resume format

text-formatDependent on your own preferences, there are various formatting options available to you. The important thing is taking the time to format and customise your resume.

Emailing resume

Whenever you are submitting an email resume, it’s vital that you follow the instructions of the employer regarding submitting the resume and cover letter. The potential employer might wish that you attach your resume to the email message; send it in a specific format; or as a PDF or Word document.