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Let your next employer discover the real you – through social media

We know that potential hirers, employers and recruiters are using social media in all it’s forms to identify, source and verify applicant details. As the boundaries between work and home, professional and private become increasingly blurred, many job seekers either don’t pay this any attention or reject the concept completely.

However, the fact of the matter is that on blogs and social media networks worldwide, recruiters and HR professionals are discussing how to find employees who are the right fit –that is, not only do they have the right experience, but they also have positive personal attributes and characteristics.

It’s a contentious issue, no doubt about it. But I’m going to propose a different approach, one you can find more information on at It will take effort, but it’s worth it. Rather than taking the easy approach and closing down all social media accounts, smart job seekers can use this shift in recruitment practices to their advantage.


1. Manage your personal branding online

Quite simply, make yourself “Google” worthy. If you create a professional LinkedIn Profile and smart Facebook profile with appropriate security settings, these are the results that will appear when HR do a brief background check.

2. Talk about your volunteer work

Even when your volunteer work is completely unrelated to the type of paid work you’re looking for, make sure it’s listed on social media profiles. Your ability to engage with your local community will definitely help you stand out from the crowd, and most importantly, it tells your next employer about who you are as a person. Volunteer work demonstrates a vast array of qualities that employers look for, and speaks volumes about your character. Whether you fundraise for your local footy club, help out at your kid’s school, or organise events for your community group – include it.

3. Include professional affiliations and memberships

Let your next employer know that you’re well connected, committed to ongoing professional development and just plain interested in what you do. An employee who proactively investigates and stays up to date with their industry is more likely to be engaged by their job and motivated by factors beyond salary. Again, these are they types of employees that employers are looking for – the individuals who actually care about where they work and what they do.

4. Celebrate sport, dance, drama and any other extracurricular activities

Do you like to cook? Create craft and handiwork? Act? Stroll your local marketplace hunting for treasures? Whatever you’re interested in, let your next employer know. They may be surprised to find you have a creative flair, and they’re likely to be intrigued by unusual hobbies. However, be careful to keep it clean and reasonably professional – that means no drunken photos, evidence of continuous alcohol consumption, or topless dancing on the bar. Even if they’re one off incidents, don’t broadcast them. This is where your security settings, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, should be managed carefully.

5. Share information

Actively support your friends’ business endeavours, post newsworthy events and share relevant information. Comment on blogs, articles and posts that interest you. Demonstrate that you are engaged in the world around you, both locally and internationally. Sharing information on social networks is a fantastic way to show that you are capable of knowledge sharing and developing positive networks, both fundamental components of many jobs in today’s marketplace.

Getting a better job

Getting a better job







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